Thursday, November 10, 2016
2016 almost over

After 3 year from my last entry, I forgot what are my blog name haha.. and it's still exist..

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Masih ada rupanya

Last entry I made was on 2008. To inform that i'm not going to update this blog anymore and moving to friendster. Unfortunately and don't know why.. friendster has terminate their blogging servis beside i'm also not soo rajin anymore to update any of my blog. And now on 2013 I'm trying to google my old blogdrive account.. Hey.. it still exist... bravo blogdrive.. I created this blog during my first pregnancy. That was 9 years ago.. fuh.. long huh.. Izzah pun dah darjah 3.. hurm.. we'll see if me rajin nak mengupdate blog ni nnt.. When the rajin mood datang.. I'll make total consruction macam artis K-pop.. haha.. till then my blog.. glad to still have you..

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
After a long time

It's more than a year after my last entry. Glad this blog still exist. I tough blogdrive have purge it. Actually I have new blog, feel free to visit But still i'm not updating it very often. It's easier for me to do everything under 1 web. Checking message, blogging, keep in touch with friends and make new friends. So.. see you there....

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Thursday, November 30, 2006
Happy Birthday My Little Princess

Firstly I want to apologize to my doter sbb lambat buat special birthday entry nih for her. Even though she’s not reading my blog and not even knows how to spell, but the guilty feeling is still there.  

Actually birthday Izzah on 29th, but me and hubby quite busy this week. So we have to celebrate Izzahs' birthday on 28th after work. Just Hubby, Me, Izzah, MIL and bibik. Last year just wish jer n x de potong2 kek sbb Izzah pun x tau lagi apa itu kek on that time. This year I bought special and cute cake for her. Nampak je kek trus nak potong. Terpaksa hold her a few times sbb camera lom ready. And Izzah like chocolate cake very much.

Present? We had planned to buy bicycle since Izzah small. Tapi nak tunggu dia besar dulu. So we thought that bicycle is the best present utk Izzah tahun nih.  MIL pun ada cakap Izzah berebut nak naik basikal cousin dia masa gi rumah SIL.

So, on Saturday hubby and I dah pergi2 survey cute bicycle for her. And I thought biar dulu, on Wednesday baru beli and plan nak taruk reben besar n kad tulis Happy Birthday Izzah. Then bila balik rumah on Saturday tuh MIL x ada. Maghrib baru MIL balik, and when I turun bawah with Izzah, Izzah pun jerit chikal.. ooohhh no.. MIL dah belikan Izzah bicycle. So habis our plan blew away. But still thank you to MIL sebab bagi Izzah basikal.

Yesterday birthday Izzah yang ke 2. Regret jugak sebab me and hubby busy. Hubby had to worked till late night. No present from us to her because we still cannot figure out the best present or something yg Izzah wanted so much. Maybe late present kot. Just a wish for her. Insyaallah tahun depan bila Izzah lebih mengerti, ummi akan buat proper besday celebration untuk Izzah. That time kalau abah busy lagi kita buat duaorg jer.. okeh..

Ummi wish semoga hidup anak ummi sentiasa ceria, bahagia, dan penuh berkat. Dilindungi Allah setiap masa dan semoga menjadi anak yang solehah dan berjaya didunia dan akhirat. Izzah telah menyerikan hidup ummi dan abah and Izzah memang anak yang baik since dalam perut ummi lagi. We love you sooo much.

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